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Are you inviting people to ‘follow’, ‘like’, ‘re-tweet’, ‘re-pin’ you?

Social media is now a recognised marketing tool and can be a great way to generate brand ambassadors as well as leads. Are you inviting people to join your social networks from your listings on venue directories?

Some directories have technology that allows you to display your live social media feeds on your venue page, if they don’t, never fear there is always a solution. Why not include a heading or body of text inviting them to join your social networks and simply place a hyperlink directing them to the relevant social media platform?

This is a great way to utilise your listings on venue directories as once an event planner is part of your social network they are YOUR contact, allowing you to promote and market to them directly. Essentially when they like or follow you they are inviting your brand and your venue into their private world – well done you!

Food for thought…

x Kim

Do you expect a venue directory to convert leads for you?

The job of a venue directory is to send you leads and enquiries in the form of phone calls, emails, website hits and direct enquiries.  Directories generate exposure and provide calls to action for the event planner to get in contact with you.  The reality is that it’s up to your sales team to convert the lead. 

What is your venue sales process?  How do you handle incoming calls?  How do convert website hits and entice people to sign up for your newsletter?  What is your follow up process for incoming enquiries?  These are the areas you need to look at and constantly improve to help increase your conversion rate.   

x Kim 

How long will it take to get my information online?

It’s simple, you can be up and online within hours!

Once you become a partner we will send your unique username and password allowing you to tailor your profile and upload your information.

Venues 2 Events will review and approve your profile and you will be up and online receiving enquiries!

What does it cost to advertise with Venues 2 Events?

Great Question! Venues 2 Events work on a flat fee partnership. This means:

  • You pay us one fee for the entire year
  • No commissions payable
  • Enquiries and leads are sent direct to you

Here at Venues 2 Events we believe in ‘partnership’ and working together.

Call or email team V2E to chat about our partnership rates - we like to understand the type of enquiries you are after and will then tailor a package to make this happen!

Chat to team V2E for more information click here

How do I keep my information up to date on each venue directory?

I don’t have enough time...
How do I keep my information up to date on each venue directory?

Whether we are creating proposals, performing site inspections, or lost in our overflowing inbox there is simply not enough time to keep up to date with our on-line information. So how do you combat this and stay on-top of your on-line listings?  I have a quick exercise for you:



  • Make a list of all the directories you are currently listing on?
  • Do you know exactly what they offer? 

Your next step is to create a master spreadsheet detailing each directory you are listing with, inclusive of:

  • Venue Directory Name
  • Website address
  • Contact details for each team member of the directory
  • Your renewal date
  • Price you are paying
  • Your log in details
  • What is included in your listing and when you are going to take advantage of each item
  • Other ways the directory can help promote you eg. newsletter feature, banner ads and the associated cost

This spreadsheet with form a great base to start from. Once you have all of this information in the one place you can then start updating your information in a logical order.

Keep a look out for my article next week detailing my 7 things you MUST have up to date on each venue directory you are listing on.

x Kim

Is it easy to upload my information?

Yes! We have created a simple template for you to add your information and photos.

We even have a quick reference guide giving you examples so you get the best results from your profile.

You can always call team Venues 2 Events for help and advice, we are happy to assist.

What is your point of difference?

Well we have a few...

Random search results, giving you fair and even representation
We left alphabetical order behind years ago!

Select a new image for each search category you appear in
Not just one photo to promote your entire venue

Seven pages to promote you venue
We call this your personal Micro Website

Upload an image and description for each function/accommodation room
This feature gives the event planner a detailed overview of your venue and it’s flexibility

Free EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) features
We believe in the power of our EDM and no, we don’t charge for it

Award winning Trade Show Marketing
We exhibit to promote ‘you’ at key industry trade shows

We are also an Event Management Company
More than just a directory – we work in the Industry, know the Industry and love the Industry

Free Industry Seminars
We are all about giving back to the Industry, make sure you attend one of our free sessions!

Why your website link should go to your functions page and NOT your homepage

Imagine you are a corporate event planner and you are looking for a venue.  You do a Google search and find a great directory with a range of venues that suit your needs.  

You browse through the venues and find one that takes your fancy. You have a look at their photos and information and are interested to find out more.  You then take action and click their website link, a new window opens up....and where does it take you?  To the homepage of the venue you are interested in...  

You are overwhelmed by information and then have to read through the navigation menu to find the functions page....that is if you can be bothered doing this after you have already spent minutes searching for their venue in the first place.

A better alternative would have been...

You click their website link, a new window opens up and you are taken to the function page on the venue's website.  PERFECT relevant information and no time wasted.  In this fast paced digital world all it takes is a second for your potential client to loose interest or get frustrated and your event lead is lost.

I urge you to think about the page you are directing potential clients to, is it enticing?  Is there a call to action?  Do you have a place to capture their contact details so you can stay in touch with them?  

Your Mission:
Put yourself in the shoes of a corporate event planner. Go to each directory your venue is listed on, find your venue profile page, click the website link and see where it takes you... 

I would love you hear your feedback kimhesse@venues2events.com.au 

Contact team Venues 2 Events
T: 03 9429 8996 

Why you should diplay a contact name on your 3rd party advertising sites?

To my venue friends,

100% of Event Managers said they prefer to have direct contact details for the venue  

The above was just one of the results in a recent study conducted by Venues 2 Events.

Four reasons you should display a contact name on your venue profile page:

1. Give the event planner someone to ask for when they call you

2. It makes you look like you are customer focused when you have listed Kim Hesse as the contact person as opposed to call our 'event co-ordinators' 

3. If the event planner decides to email you they have someone to address the email to

4. If there is no name displayed I feel as if my enquiry may go to a generic email address or message bank and may take a while for my enquiry to be responded to.  It may deter me from even enquiring in the first place, as I want customer service, I want someone to understand my event needs and tailor a proposal for me.

x Kim Hesse

Come and hang out with me on facebook  http://www.facebook.com/venuesevents 
Like the Venues 2 Events page http://www.facebook.com/venues2events

Looking for more enquires? Do you have killer images?

Hello Venue Friends,

In a recent study we conducted, IMAGES were the first thing an event manager looked at when deciding whether or not to contact a particular venue to quote on an upcoming event.

You only have one chance to make an impression….so I have 3 Questions for you:

1.    Have your images been professionally taken?

2.    Do you have photos that show off the versatility of your function spaces?

3.    Would you be enticed by your photos?

Inbox me if you would like details of a fab photographer. Great photos = More enquiries

x Kim

E: kimhesse@venues2events.com.au 

How do I track my Return on Investment?

As a partner of Venues 2 Events you will have a unique username and password. This allows you 24/7 access to view your personal statistics, including:

  • Number of search results
  • Number of views of your profile page
  • Number of direct enquiries
  • Number of clicks to your website
  • Number of clicks to gain your phone number
  • Number of clicks to gain your email address
  • Number of clicks to gain your phone number
  • And a whole lot more!

We are 100% transparent and believe in giving you real results whenever you need them.

Chat to team V2E for more information click here

Are you using key words in your copy?

The battle for position 1 on Google continues…how can you get a step closer to winning the battle?

Have a look at the copy on your:

  • Website
  • Third party directories
  • On-line brochures

Does it include key words that you want to be found for on Google? Eg. Melbourne Rooftop Venue, Melbourne CBD Training Venue

Check out this free tool http://www.googlekeywordtool.com/ to gain keyword ideas, test what keywords are currently working and come up with new keyword suggestions.

Type in any word or phrase, or type in a website URL name. Google will display a list of related keyword ideas. The data will show how often each word is searched. The "competiton" column is helpful to see what words advertisers think have the most value.

If you want to attract more searchers, you need to good keywords your website titles and text. This tool is the perfect tool to test what words are currently popular and also to find new keyword suggestions.

Have fun! 

x Kim