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V2E Blog 21/02/19: Taking over an event from someone else?

Taking over an event from someone else can be daunting! Trust me, I know… What agreements have already been made? Which suppliers have been used? You are literally dropped into a minefield of questions and expectations, all while trying to figure out which way is up. V2E Managing Director Kim Hesse has some tips to help.  

If you are after some more hints, tips and training you should check out the ‘Event Ninja Academy’ – The online training program created, run and tested by Kim Hesse.  Click here for more information.




V2E Blog 14/02/19: 2 quick tips on using a venue directory to find your perfect venue

Venue directories, much like this one, are huge! There are so many venues, so many options, so how do you choose the right venue? More importantly, how do you do it efficiently so you’re not trapped down a Netflix like hole trying to figure out what to search, what to choose and if the preview shows enough to help you choose.

Don’t sweat it… we have some quick tips to help. We also have a wishlist which makes contacting venues easy. Check out the video on how to use this here.