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We provide a comprehensive on-line directory of venues and suppliers across Australia. We also do high end event management working with corporate companies who run events. Due to our extensive experience in managing events we are often asked “can you recommend a great venue for my event?” as a result we have created an easy to use directory of Australia’s best venues and suppliers.


  • you’re not sure where to start planning your event
  • don’t have time to visit venue after venue
  • or working to a budget

Our intuitive search asks questions relating to your event, from your answers it instantly matches venues and suppliers to your needs and also lists their current specials. This saves you time, does the research for you and gives you access to current Industry discounts.

Never before in history have we been so technologically connected yet so isolated from one another. At Venues 2 Events we believe in the power of events and bringing people together.

Online Venue Directory

Venues 2 Events represents reputable venues and suppliers from across Australia. We promote our venue partners and act as an addition to their sales team, bringing quality leads and contact s direct to their inbox. Keep reading for our innovative methods of promoting our partners and how we can provide you with more exposure...

Event Management Company

With an Event Management Company at the heart of Venues 2 Events you can be assured we know the Industry, we work in the Industry and believe by working together we can enhance the Industry. Our Event Management team have many wonderful clients from a corporate, pharmaceutical and professional background, managing anything from cocktail events, month long festivals to national road shows.

Continual Development

Our passion and dedication for what we do never stops. We continually strive for excellence and innovation that will benefit our partners and our Industry.